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Pediatricians in Penang

Pediatricians in Penang

Island Hospital @ Macalister Road, Penang

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Having given birth to both my children in this hospital, naturally their pediatrician at birth would also be from this hospital. We’ve also had the opportunity to consult with all the other pediatricians in this hospital when our family pediatrician was away on leave. Island Hospital’s consultation fee is currently RM50. The pediatric clinics do not take appointments, consultations are only on walk-in basis. Upon registration, they will issue a waiting number to you and you will be able to view the number from a screen above your pediatrician’s door. Each pediatrician has his own attending nurse who will take your child’s measurements (height and weight) before your turn comes for consultation. The pediatric clinic only has 1 breastfeeding room cum nappy changing station. The clinic (which is at the 3rd floor) has a separate pharmacy counter which caters for all the clinics located on the 3rd floor; so the dispensing and collection of medicine is a much faster process compared to some other hospitals which have only one pharmacy for all clinics.

  • Dr Dan Giap Liang – we selected  him as the pediatrician at birth for both our children. He specializes also in Pediatric Cardiology. In my opinion, he is good but sometimes not detailed enough. He doesn’t often offer very detailed information so it requires some effort on the part of the parent to ask for further clarification.
  • Dr Koh Chong Tuan – he is the current pediatrician for our children. He is careful, detailed and likes to ensure the parents of his young patients thoroughly understands things. I believe this is actually good but his way of “educating” the parents may not suit everyone as to some, it may seem like they are being questioned or interrogated.
  • Dr Hwang Yee Chern – she also specializes in neonatalogy and is the only lady pediatrician in Island Hospital. She highly supports breastfeeding, and many women who deliver their babies in Island Hospital often choose her as their pediatrician at birth as she is good at providing lactation advice. We’ve brought our daughter to see her once when our pediatrician was away on leave. In my personal opinion, she’s very friendly and approachable but we were not comfortable with the medication she prescribed for our child during that visit.
  • Dr Michael Khor Kok Seng – we’ve brought our daughter to him once when our pediatrician wasn’t around. I can’t conclude a lot from that one experience but I do recall that he was a friendly and approachable person, and it was overall a good experience.
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Adventist Hospital @ Burma Road, Penang

The pediatric clinic here is located at the 4th floor, above the cafeteria. It is new, big and spacious. In line with its practices as a baby-friendly hospital that supports and promotes breastfeeding, the pediatric clinic provides a clean and spacious breastfeeding room with 3 breastfeeding stations which are each separated with curtains. The clinic takes appointments and though the slots usually get filled up quickly, they do welcome walk-ins. You are required to arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time. The night clinic is open from Sunday through Thursday with usually two pediatricians on duty each night. Upon registration, you will be asked to go to the clinic’s common waiting room where your child will wait to get his or her measurements taken – weight, height, temperature, etc. The nurse will then issue a waiting number to you for the specific pediatrician your child will be seeing. Unlike Island Hospital, the number will be shown on the tv screens available all over the 4th floor so you are free to walk around and not have to wait in front of your doctor’s room. The pediatric clinic shares the same pharmacy as all the other clinics in the hospital so dispensing and collection of medicine may take a little longer. The consultation fee here varies by length of consultation: Short – RM 30; Routine – RM 45; Long – RM 65; Complex – RM 85 New – RM 60

  • Dr Pong Kwai Meng – This is the only pediatrician from this hospital that I’ve tried before. We usually see him when we need to go in the evenings after work as Island Hospital pediatric clinic does not open at night. Dr Pong is friendly and approachable. He makes effort to provide clear and detailed explanation. He is a neonatologist and actively involved in promoting breastfeeding. Dr. Pong is also the advisor for the Kangaroo Club, the breastfeeding support group for Penang Adventist Hospital.


Hospital Pantai Mutiara @ Bayan Lepas, Penang

We sometimes visit the clinic here mostly for convenience as this is one of the few private hospitals closest to our neighbourhood. The pediatric clinic takes appointments but the appointments can only be made on the very same day. You’ll need to call in rather early in the morning in order to be one of the first in line. The clinic starts to take appointments from 7:00am. You will know your number immediately during the phone call. One thing to take note is that the appointments are given not based on a specific time but rather a number representing your turn so you’ll need to estimate when to arrive at the clinic in time for your turn. If your number is called and you are not yet there, the next person in line will enter first. Like Adventist Hospital, the pediatric clinic shares the same pharmacy as all the other clinics in the hospital. The hospital has a kid’s club called Mutiara Kiddy’s Club which provides discounts and benefits to the members and their parents. You’ll need to pay a small amount annually to have your child join the club as a member. 20% discount on bed charges (inpatient) 10% discount for dental treatment (members & parents) Free annual dental check up (members & parents) 10% discount on immunization (members) 10% discount on medication (inpatient & outpatient)

  • Dr Chan Lee Pon – generally, he is quite conservative and careful. He gives detailed explanation and usually provides all types of possible scenarios but on the contrary, sometimes the information may be overwhelming and cause unnecessary worry to the parents.
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One thought on “Pediatricians in Penang

  • Pierre Marcos

    Hi there,
    Thank you very much for this post. Very helpful for us who recently moved to Penang for a year with our daugther 🙂
    We went to see Dr Pong at Aventis , as our daughter Mimi was late for her 12months check and immunisation. He was detailed and clear while explaining the differences between malaysian and australian immunization calendars ( he has worked in Sydney himself ). The vaccin itself was around 40RM.
    I’d definitely recommend him as a pediatrician, especially if you are looking for a practise open late ( last registration is taken by 8.30pm).

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