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How To Watch Hulu and Netflix in Malaysia

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Some of you may be missing your favorite channels from your home country such as Hulu, Netflix, BBC, etc… which is currently not available in Malaysia due to some geo-restriction channels.  Or do you find yourself not able to listen to your favorite music from Pandora or Spotify? This should not pose a problem as I am going to introduce to you a service that will allow you to watch and listen to your favorite channels from any part of the world. And you can do this in Malaysia!

It is called Unotelly.

So what is Unotelly? In short Unotelly unlocks TV, films and music not available in your current location by removing restriction imposed by streaming sites by hiding your real location. It uses a DNS rerouting service. This service will alter the DNS settings of your existing network connection provided by your ISP. And yes I assure you that this is perfectly legal!

Unotelly vs VPN

Speed: Before UnoDNS existed, the only possible way to connect to the US or UK location is through using a VPN service. Previously I have tried using a VPN, and it practically reduced my connection speed by half. Thus I actually spend more time buffering than watching. For Unotelly, there is typically no loss in bandwidth.

Portability: Another advantages of Unotelly service is the fact that it is supported on virtually any devices that you can think of. This includes computers, mobile phones, Wii, Xbox, iPad, tablets, Routers, Apple TV,  TV Setup Box and Smart TVs. Once setup you do not need to reconnect or reset the UnoDNS connection every time you want to access your channels.


In order to use Unotelly, it is best to have a broadband service. For more detail of choosing the best internet service provider in Malaysia, you may refer here. I would suggest that you have a broadband speed of at least a minimum of 4Mbps. This is needed if you are planning to stream your movies or shows.

And of course you need an Unotelly account. You can always try it out for free for 8 days before deciding to sign up for the package.

Setting Up UnoDNS

Once you have sign up for the package or decided to try it out for free, you can go here to look for the device setup instruction. I would suggest that you start off with the routers setup instruction. Reason being is, once you have your router setup you typically do not need to setup for the rest of your gadgets since all of the devices in your home are connected to your router. Two main internet provider in Malaysia are TM NET and TIME. Most of the time, TM uses the TP-Link router and TIME uses the Cisco/Linksys router. In the event you cannot find your router’s brand, do not panic. You can always ask their knowledgeable customer support for help.

Now for the channels signup. If previously you are from the US, then signing up for a certain US channels should not be a problem. But if you are not from the US and would like to watch US based channels then you probably may want to understand more from the links below.

Link on how to signup for a Netflix USA account from anywhere in the world.

Link on how to signup for a Huluplus USA account from anywhere in the world.

If you have further question, you can always refer to their knowledge-based-center for guidance.


Unotelly comes in 2 packages, Premium plan for $4.95/month and Gold plan for $7.95/month. For me I think the Premium plan is more than sufficient. Both packages offer FULL access to the UnoDNS catalogue. The only difference for the Gold plan is that it includes UnoVPN for encrypted browsing on 3G network. In addition to that, you can also use UnoVPN to access any geo-blocked U.S & U.K website not yet supported by UnoDNS.

Channels Supported

At the time of this writing, there are about 289 channels supported. For the most updated number of channels supported, you can refer here.

Unotelly Channels

Sign Up!

So what are you waiting for? You can always sign up for an Unotelly 8-day FREE Trial and see whether it works. There is no contract and 100% money guaranteed back.

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