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Aveneu Park, Starling, Australia

Becky from Quezon City, Philippines

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We are glad to have our friend, Becky be the first to feature in Penang For Expats interview. Do read further on her experience and insights about living in Penang.

Where are you from originally?



How long have you been living in Penang and what do you do?

I have been here since October 2005, so I’m roughly almost 9 yrs living here in Penang. I work in the Contact Center of a Global IT and Business Solutions located here in Penang.


How did you pick your destination?

It all started with just having a holiday trip to Malaysia targeting Kuala Lumpur and then Penang, but fortunately, I was hired by Dell Penang while I was on holiday during May 2005 and return in October to start my employment.


What was the most challenging part of your move to Penang?

The most challenging part was the transportation back then. I came from a country where public transformation is very convenient but not in Penang. You need to own a car to become mobile, however, as time passed by, the public transportation system has improved a lot today.


You’ve been living here for a while now. What do you like the most about Penang?

I like everything about Penang, the place itself is very beautiful because I feel like I’m close to nature. I love outdoor activities and you can practically do a lot of it in Penang, like hiking, jogging, picnic, camping, and lots of other things. I have come to love the varieties of food and the diversified culture present. The people are friendly and helpful.


Is there anything that you miss from home besides family?

Yes I miss a few things from home like some of the local food and cuisine in which can only be eaten in the Philippines, my friends, and other places in my home country.


What are the biggest differences between everyday life in Philippines and Malaysia?

I would say the biggest difference is the proximity of places. Here in Penang, shopping malls, hospitals, and work place are near to each other and I can be in one place within 10-15 minutes especially if there’s no traffic but not in the Philippines. In Philippines, it might take at least 45 mins to 1hour to reach to a place.


Have you had any surprising or even shocking experiences here in Penang/ Malaysia yet?

Not really and not that I’m aware of.


Are you planning to move back home someday or are you here to stay?

I prefer to stay here in Penang for good, given the opportunity. I would only love to visit Philippines on occasions.


Please share your best advice for living in Penang. Anything in particular for other expats from Philippines?

I call Penang as my beloved place. It is a mix of rural and urban life all together. It’s a small island, which can cater your mood or where you feel like living. There’s an urban part of it if you want some kind of a city life, there’s also the rural part of it when you want to live a suburb type. It is a great place for every walks of life, may you be single or married with family.


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