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Welcome to Penang for Expats. We are Eric and Sharon Chow, a husband and wife team; the co-writers and co-founders of this blog. Neither of us were born in Penang but we have made this beautiful island our home for more than a decade. This was the place we started our careers after graduation, met each other, got married and started a family together. We have 2 lovely children – a daughter and a son. Having stayed here since the year 2002 has left us with plenty of wonderful stories to share and the ability to see and experience Penang just like a local.

Here are some information so that you can know us better:

Eric is an engineer in a US-based multinational high tech company.  He was previously from KL and came to Penang in 2002 to look for a job. He gave himself 2 years to stay in Penang before moving back to KL. But little did he realize that 2 years have passed by so quickly and now he has fallen in love with this little island. Eric provides the photographs and videos for Penang for Expats.

Sharon grew up in Alor Star, Kedah but came to Penang to work after completing her degree in accounting. She was working in the finance department of a US-based multinational company for 7 years before she decided it was about time for a major change in her career path. Today, she is a stay-at-home mom whose days are just as busy as before, if not more.  As a mother, she naturally loves to explore places with her kids and discover activities she can involve them in. Penang has so much to offer to children of all ages and she wants to share this information with other mothers as well.

Sharon also loves discovering places to eat and what better place to do so than in Penang, the food haven. You’ll be surprised to find that this place is not only famous for its local food, but today, there are so many variety of eateries serving authentic international food started by expats themselves.

So you may ask why did we create this blog?

It all started when Eric’s sister and her family from the US decided to stay in Malaysia just for a couple of years. Fortunately, the settling-down process was much easier for them as they have family members here who are able to provide quick answers to questions they may have.

‘Penang For Expats’ blog was started with the notion of helping expats who are interested to live in Penang get most, if not all of their questions answered. This blog will provide you with helpful tips as you settle down and get adjusted to your new Malaysian life. Travelers will find lots of great pointers and suggestions for a stress-free and enjoyable visit. And for the locals, there’s always fun and new things to be discovered.

We do not consider ourselves to be experts in knowing everything there is about living and migrating over to Penang, so if you have additional inputs or comments, we would love to hear from you.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this. Do drop by our site regularly for new updates. See you again soon!

-Eric & Sharon

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